EGCS discharge ban in Panama Canal

North of England Club has reported that the Panama Canal has been added to the list of ports and regions where the use of open loop scrubbers will be prohibited.

Notice To Shipping No N-1-2019 Vessel Requirements, Section 31 b. (7) states that:

“Vessels are not required to change over to light fuel on their propulsion engines if equipped with a type approved closed-loop exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubbers) kept in operation, during the entire transit. The date and time of the period of operation of this equipment shall be recorded in the engine room logbook.“

Additionally, Section 28 (5) of the same document states:

“Residues from the Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS) washwater are to be collected on board. Discharging these residues into the water bodies under the responsibility of the Panama Canal or incinerating them on board is not permitted.”