Dutch court turns down request for injunction against Greenpeace protestors

A Dutch court has denied a request by NORI for an injunction to keep Greenpeace activists from coming within a 500 metre radius of a specialized offshore drilling vessel mv COCO.

The court accepted the plea by NORI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Metals Company (TMC), that Greenpeace International’s climbers, who had occupied the vessel’s stern crane, should disembark. However, it denied the distancing order.

The Greenpeace protest is taking place in the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ) – an area between Mexico and Hawaii.

NORI claims the protest, which began about two weeks ago after five days of a non-stop kayak activity around the vessel, has been costing it €1m a day.

Greenpeace International activist Sofia Castellanos said: “We are standing up against the first ever deep sea mining application that TMC are trying to rush through against scientific warnings and political opposition of 24 countries calling for a moratorium. We will continue to protest every time TMC tries to push forward this dangerous industry, for the sake of our oceans and the rich and mysterious life of the deep sea”.