Draft EU report focuses on harmonization of data elements and data sets

The European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism recently-published draft report on the EC’s proposal for a regulation establishing a European Maritime Single Window environment. focuses on the harmonization of data elements and data sets/ The report, from MEP Deirdre Clune, advocates cooperation between customs and maritime authorities at both national and EU level. However, it recognizes that, even with a fully harmonized data set, competent authorities might for some reasons require additional data.

The draft report states that EU member states should allow the use of port community systems, as long as those systems are then passing the necessary information to the National Single Window.

European ports remain concerned about the development of a harmonized reporting interface module for the National Single Windows. They fear that such a solution will not be flexible to respond to fast-moving technological developments in the field.

The draft report will be discussed in the Transport Committee on November 5th.