Digital Tool from North to keep shipping up to date with coronavirus outbreak

North P&I Club has launched a digital tool which it said would help shipowners and operators track the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

North said that it had enhanced its MyGlobeView platform – an interactive map which Members use to identify commercial risks and physical threats to shipping around the world – so that it now could provide live updates on the number of confirmed cases of the virus, countries at risk and what to look out for.

The software sources its data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading sources. The service aims to assist ships with chartering, operations and help prepare staff for what to expect when arriving in port.

Simon MacLeod, North deputy director – loss prevention, said that “as well as receiving information from the WHO, John Hopkins University and other organisations tracking the virus, we also have a huge network of contacts in ports across the world, who are updating us with local information as the infection spreads. This means the software is as up to date and informative as possible.”