Denmark teams look at autonomous shipping

The Danish Technological University (DTU) and the Danish Maritime Authority have undertaken a pre-analysis of how autonomous ships may have a central role to play in Denmark. The work indicated that there was a need to develop technological solutions.
Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, said that “blue” Denmark needed to be a frontrunner within technological developments. “Autonomous maritime solutions will increase productivity, make logistics easier and enhance safety. We must ensure that the framework conditions are in place so that no technical or regulatory barriers obstruct the development. The work of the Danish Maritime Authority and the DTU is important in this connection because it gives us a clear idea of the direction of developments.”
The DTU and the Danish Maritime Authority will continue to cooperate on an electronic lookout project. Mikkelsen said that he had asked the Danish Maritime Authority “to continue its dialogue with the industry and the users to clarify whether there are projects that could be launched in the near future in order to strengthen our knowledge in the area and help put Denmark on the nautical charts in terms of autonomous technology.”
The pre-analysis focused mainly on smaller types of ships engaged in near-coastal voyages, including small island ferries, tugboats, barges, supply and service vessels for drilling platforms and wind farms, and autonomous surface vessels for servicing underwater and drone units for offshore inspections.