Demand for Venice and lagoon to be classed most endangered heritage sites

Preservation association Italia Nostra has called upon UNESCO to register the city of Venice and its lagoon on the list of “most endangered” World Heritage Sites.

The move comes after a collision between a large cruise ship, the port jetty and a smaller tourist ship in the Guidecca Canal on June 2nd.

Italia Nostra highlighted the continued presence of large cruise ships in the Guidecca Canal and the San Marco Basin. It is calling for a ban on cruise ship transits through the area. “Everyone seems to agree that large ships should no longer travel along that channel,” the association said this week. Erosion of the lagoon has been attributed to ship traffic. It has also been asserted that the increased number of tourists has raised the danger of maritime casualties.

Venice intends to start charging a $12-per-person day fee on cruise tourists in order to offset the impact on Venice’s infrastructure.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has been working with Venice’s government for some time to address the threats to its preservation, but Italia Nostra says that it is time for tougher warnings.