Death of ex-Newcastle P&I CEO Hugh Dyer

Hugh Dyer, previously CEO of Newcastle P&I, passed away at his home in Portugal on August 9th. Hugh Dyer joined Newcastle P&I Club in 1972 from the UK Club and was appointed CEO following the retirement of Peter Fryer in 1994.

The possibility of a merger between the two Newcastle based P&I clubs, Newcastle P&I and the North of England P&I, was first discussed in February 1997. Working closely with Rodney Eccleston, Peter Crichton, Alan Wilson and Paul Jennings, Hugh’s commitment, confidence and forward thinking were instrumental in the successful completion of the merger, said North Of England Club in its announcement of Mr Dyer’s death.

North said that the merger between the two clubs on February 20th 1998 was “a major step forward for the North of England Club laying the foundations for the future development of North”.

Mr Dyer retired shortly after the merger and had been living in Portugal for the several years.