Dakar, Senegal, ramping up customs fines

Swedish Club said that it had received a report from local correspondent TCI Africa about enhanced steps by customs in Dakar, Senegal, to impose fines for short and over landing of cargo. Members trading in bulk cargo to Senegal were recommended to:

  • Prepare their Dakar Customs declarations prior to berthing
  • Personally receive the Customs Officers on board in company with the Ship Agent to execute the formalities required
  • Ensure that all consumables on board (including bunkers, lube oil, food, chemicals CO2 foam, extinguishers, paint, crew’s personal effects etc) are accurately declared
  • Properly declare the cargo manifest for Dakar as well as the cargo in transit, if any.
  • Place all the Customs papers in a separate file to be counter-checked by the ship agent before presentation to the Customs Officer.

TCI Africa said that “a precautionary tally survey is strongly recommended to ascertain the discharged quantity and defend the ship’s interests against disproportionate Customs fines”.

It emphasized that the Customs Declaration was irrevocable and that a demonstration of the Master’s good faith would not be taken as an excuse.

TCI Africa noted that Senegalese Customs had recently imposed a fine of €2.33m for mistakes on the manifest. The fine was negotiated down to €305,000.