Cybersecurity programme launched at Port of Amsterdam

Growing concerns with digital resilience has seen the Port of Amsterdam launch a Cybersecurity Programme. The port said that “the Netherlands is one of the world’s top three countries affected by cyber-attacks. Ports are particularly vulnerable, as they have a wide range of information systems and their data is used by many different parties.”

The new programme comprises a hotline and the Cyber Resilient North Sea Canal Area (CYREN) network, which will collect information about cyber threats and share it with affiliated companies.

Marleen van de Kerkhof, Harbour Master of Port of Amsterdam and initiator of Port of Amsterdam’s Cybersecurity Programme said that “data flows and chains are increasingly being linked together and made available to a broad public on the Internet. This offers both opportunities and substantial challenges for information security. An attack on a customer’s or supplier’s information system not only impacts the company, but can often also affect all other companies in its surroundings and disrupt shipping operations: cyber incidents are not limited by physical boundaries. Rapidly sharing the latest information about threats, incidents and perspectives for action increases the cyber resilience of the entire port region.”