Crimean shipyard reported on fire, two ships damaged

The Sevastopol Shipyard on the Crimean Peninsula was on fire early on Wednesday September 13th and two ships were damaged as a result of Ukraine launching 10 missiles and three speedboat attacks on the port, Russia’s defence ministry said.

The Ministry said that seven missiles were downed by Russia’s air defence systems, and that all three speedboats were destroyed by a patrol ship.

“As a result of being hit by enemy cruise missiles, two ships under repair were damaged,” the ministry said.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Russia-backed governor of Sevastopol, which is the largest city in Crimea and also a major Black Sea port, said on social media that at least 24 people were injured.

Russia annexed the shipyard from Ukraine in 2014, along with the rest of Crimea. It now builds and repairs ships and submarines of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Razvozhayev posted a nighttime photo of flames engulfing what seemed to be port infrastructure.

There was no immediate comment on the matter from Ukraine.