Crew mental and physical well-being during extensive delays

Standard Club has noted that ships in ports all over the world were experiencing delays due to COVID-19, with additional HSE and customs checks being carried out in some ports. The Club said that, in certain ports, crew changes were difficult or prohibited, and vessels might be subject to additional checks or even quarantine depending on recent ports of call (e.g., if they have been to China) or if seafarers have reported any symptoms of the virus.

Dealing with extensive delays in port or quarantine could be difficult for the crew, Standard Club said. This could be even more difficult to cope with if one or more individuals were confined to quarters. “Members should be conscious that these conditions can have an adverse effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of the crew”, Standard Club said.

On the basis that no personnel on board the vessel were suspected of having contracted Covid-19, past Club research suggested that crew should be encouraged to socialize and to avoid periods of individual isolation.

Standard Club understood that some ship owners were offering counselling to their crew, which would likely have to be done remotely, by telephone or video link.