Crane barge arrives to raise the Bukhta Naezdnik

Crane barge Gulliver arrived in Tromsø, Norway on November 26th in order to raise fishing trawler Bukhta Naezdnik (IMO 8913253) and to remove it from the dock. The crane barge, which is owned by Scaldis, has a lifting capacity of 4,000 tons. The Norebo shipping company is being supported by salvage company Ardent in the raising of the wreck.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration had ordered Murmansk Trawl Fleet PJSC to remove the vessel by the end of the year. That order also stipulated requirements for preventing and limiting pollution, plus adequate preparation in case there were any leaks.

The work is being led by the shipping company and supported by their insurance company Skuld. The Norwegian Coastal Emergency Preparedness Centre said that it had undertaken a close dialogue with the shipowners and with Skuld.

During operations that may pose a risk of emissions to the external environment, oil protection vessel Runa will be in attendance. Since the end of September Fagdykk Co has been responsible for continuous monitoring of the wreckage. This work will continue until the wreck has been removed.

The actual lifting operation will be carried out by Scaldis and would not start before the weekend just passed. The Gulliver will hook up to the Bukhta Naezdnik and gradually raise and turn the vessel to an even keel, while pumping out water. Raising and pumping operations will continue until the vessel is stable at the quay. The vessel will then be emptied of remaining bunkers and prepared for towage to Hanøytangen near Bergen, where she will be broken up.

The fire aboard fishing boat Bukhta Naezdnik broke out shortly before midday on September 25th at the quay at Breivika in Tromsø, causing a heavy development of smoke from the bow. Adjacent sites were evacuated. Because hydraulic oil, ropes and plastics were on fire heavy smoke drifted from the vessel in a northerly direction.

The vessel eventually sank onto its side.

1991-built, Russia-flagged, 1,899 gt Bukhta Nayezdink is owned and managed by Karat-1 ZAO of Murmansk, Russia. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2) on behalf of JSC Norebo Holding.