Covid-19 Q&As from London Club

London Club has noted that the Covid-19 pandemic had raised a number of questions regarding P&I coverage.

To help guide Members and Brokers with some of the queries which it had seen relating to the operation of P&I cover, London Club has assembled a list of Q&As.

These comprise:

  • Are crewmembers who are taken ill or who may die from Covid-19 insured under the Member’s P&I cover?
  • Is there cover for additional accommodation and subsistence costs a Member incurs in getting crew to or back home from a vessel?
  • Are diversion expenses covered if it becomes necessary to land a crewmember who has suspected Covid-19 and what if tests subsequently show that he was clear of the disease?
  • Is there cover for quarantine expenses and if so then what expenses are covered by the Club?
  • Is there cover for crew whose contracts of employment have expired but whom, because of Covid-19 travel restrictions, cannot return home?
  • Where, because of local restrictions, a Members is unable to remove off-signing crew from a vessel, does this prejudice P&I cover?
  • Does the Club cover crewmembers taken ill from Covid-19 after repatriation but when it’s suspected that the disease was contracted before or during repatriation?
  • Will the Club continue to provide cover where the employment contracts for some of the ship’s crew have or are due to expire and Members are unable, due to restrictions in various countries and ports, to effect crew changes?