Containers wash ashore on North Devon coast

UK authorities are monitoring the response to an overboard container incident in the Bristol Channel in southwest England, which was first reported on October 20th.

Eleven containers were lost overboard from a passing containership that has not yet been identified. According to the Torridge District Council, North Devon, five of the containers contained non-hazardous cargo, while six were empty.

Several containers have washed ashore or been spotted in the water.

On October 26th one container washed ashore at Bucks Mills in North Devon, spilling nappies and sanitary items onto the beach. Another has since washed up on the beach of Aberthaw Power Station near Breaksea Point. At least three have been discovered in the water and were either recovered or are being monitored.

HM Coastguard is continuing to advise vessels in the area to keep an eye out for floating containers in the water.

Torridge District Council said that “the Council is committed to protecting our beautiful coastline and we immediately instigated our emergency response procedures – the Public should be assured that this matter is in hand. There may be local disruption to access and parking at Bucks Mill while the clean-up works are being carried out, but access to the SW coastal path will be maintained. We remain in contact with the MCA regarding any further groundings in our district and we really appreciate the public’s understanding in this matter.”