Container ships allide in port of Karachi; “containers everywhere”

Container ship Tolten (9612870) allided with berthed container ship Hamburg Bay (IMO 9332872) upon arrival at the port of Karachi during the morning of March 19th while manoeuvring with assistance of three tugs. At least 21 containers fell into the sea as Tolten’s containers were dislodged by a long scraping.

Operations at South Asia Port Terminal Limited (SAPT) were suspended following the allision. Operations will resume after the containers are removed from the sea.

The administration of the deep port avoided damage to cranes installed at the berth. An amateur video (see YouTube links below) showed “containers everywhere”.

Karachi Port Trust, the regulatory authority “has deployed all available resources for surveying the channel and retrieving containers,” SAPT said, adding that it was assisting in the operation.

A survey of damage to the Tolten was expected to be completed by Wednesday; the Hamburg Bay was expected to set sail the same day.

No one was injured in the incident and port operations were not suspended.

2012-built, Liberia-flagged, 88,586 gt Tolten is owned and managed by Hapag-Lloyd AG of Hamburg, Germany. ISM manager is Anglo-Eastern Germany GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Hapag-Lloyd AG. For hull and machinery Gard AS is claims leader (no RDC, no FFO)

2009-built, Liberia-flagged, 71,786 gt Hamburg Bay (formerly Zim Hamburg) is owned by Lombard Corporate (December 3) Ltd care of Zodiac Maritime Ltd of London, UK. It is managed by Eastern Pacific Shipping UK of London, UK. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Lombard Corporate Finance (December 3) Ltd. AGCS is claims leader for hull and machinery, with Gard having a subscription position (RDC 3/4, no FFO)