Conditions back to normal at Port of Rotterdam after severe storm

A severe storm and strong winds led the Dutch Port of Rotterdam to close its terminals late last week, but weather conditions have now returned to normal. The winds were strong enough to topple some stacked containers in the port, although these were apparently empty at the time. Port of Rotterdam Authority press officer Tie Schellekens said the storm had lasted from around 09:00 until 13:00 on Thursday January 18th, but by the late afternoon conditions were much calmer.

“There was a storm that affected the port today, and that meant we could not permit the entry of ships,” he said, adding the vessels had to drop anchor and wait outside the port.

Schellekens said there had not been a serious problem with logistics. A few containers from a depot of empty containers had gone into the water. The Belgian port of Ghent was also closed by authorities due to high winds.