Condition survey results from American Club

American Club’s Manager Shipowners’ Claims Bureau (SCB) has released a summary of its findings from condition surveys conducted during the 2016 calendar year, focusing particularly on machinery-related deficiencies.

SCB conducted 106 condition surveys during 2016, of which 46% were on dry cargo vessels. tankers accounted for a further 35% of vessels surveyed.

Deficiencies concerning cargo systems and machinery were the two largest categories.


Cargo systems — 17%

Machinery — 14%

Hull (ex. Cargo) — 14%

Management — 12%

Safe Access — 10%

Fire Safety — 9%

Pollution Prevention — 6%

Navigation — 5%

LSAs — 5%

Accommodation/ILO — 4%

Safety Equipment — 3%

Machinery Failures:

Taking all of the machinery-related deficiencies into account, those concerning machinery integrity were found to be the most frequent.

Machinery Integrity — 34%

Housekeeping — 20%

Fire Systems Machinery — 14%

Alarm and Safety — 10%

Cargo Systems-machinery — 9%

Fuel System — 8%

Pollution prevention-machinery — 5%

Specifically, areas of concern included:

(a) engine integrity-related deficiencies including the condition of main & auxiliary engines, engine monitoring systems and the insufficiency of spare parts; and

(b) the cleanliness of engine compartments (i.e. basic housekeeping) including bilges being clean, tidy and free of combustible materials.

Furthermore, fire system-related deficiencies were also significant. These deficiencies related to the condition of fixed fire & extinguishing systems, main & emergency fire pumps and fixed gas detention & monitoring systems, SCB said.

As a result of the findings further loss prevention guidance will soon be published by American Club.