Company in India said to be falsely acting on behalf of BIMCO

Denmark-based international shipping association BIMCO has said that it has become aware of a company in India named Grand Shipping & Trading Co that has been presenting itself as a company facilitating BIMCO memberships.

BIMCO said that it understood that Hameer Mubarak from Grand Shipping & Trading Co has falsely claimed that applicants need BIMCO membership in order to offer certain services.

He was alleged to have offered to facilitate a membership of BIMCO, subsequently receiving a payment for a BIMCO membership and allegedly keeping the money.

BIMCO does said that it did not cooperate with any companies facilitating BIMCO memberships on its behalf. It added that Grand Shipping & Trading Co was not a BIMCO member, even though the BIMCO logo is on their website. BIMCO said that it had tried to contact Grand Shipping & Trading via email and calls without any luck, and that it was considering what further steps to take.