Cocaine smuggling trial begins in Denmark

The trial of four men relating to the alleged landing of more than 100 kilos of cocaine from refrigerated cargo ship Duncan Island (IMO 9059638) off Langeland in February 2020 began in Svendborg on November 6th.

Four men are on trial, one of them a Latvian crew member of the ship.

The prosecution claim that the sailor dropped many kilos of cocaine overboard in four waterproof sacks, and that these were late collected by the other three men on trial, who had sailed out into the Langeland Belt.

The cocaine was subsequently brought ashore when the police, who had received a tip about the case, arrested the men.

More police boarded the ship in waters south of Gedser. At first all of the crew were arrested, but all except the currently charged crewmember were later released .

The trial is scheduled to complete in early December after five scheduled hearings.

1993-built, Bahamas-flagged, 14,061 gt Duncan Island is owned by Inagua Shipping Ltd care of manager Ecuadorian Line Inc of Miami, Florida, USA. ISM manager is Trireme vessel Management Inc of Antwerp, Belgium. It is entered with Standard Club (International Division) on behalf of Inagua Shipping Ltd.