Coast Guard scuttles Alaska Patriot

Two old fishing boats that had been in Dutch Harbour Spit Dock, Unalaska, Aleutian Islands, US, for several years, left last month, one towing the other to a scrap yard in Mexico. Both vessels had been 200ft freezer longliners owned by the former Fishing Company of Alaska (FCA).

However, Alaska Patriot failed to reach its final destination. The US Coast Guard shot it full of holes and sank it on December 20th after it twice broke loose from sister ship, Alaska Pioneer.

“The intentional scuttling of the Alaska Patriot by the Coast Guard limited the potential for devastating damage and loss of life if another vessel were to collide with it in a major shipping lane,” said Coast Guard spokesman Shawn Eggert, in Juneau. The Patriot broke loose twice before the decision was made to scuttle it. The Pioneer sailed safely to Astoria, Oregon.

When it went out of business about a year ago, FCA sold its three remaining factory trawlers, including the Alaska Warrior and Alaska Spirit, to two other bottomfish companies.