CMA CGM to pay bonus for quick return of empty containers

Marseille, France based containership operation CMA CGM Group has launched an “early return incentive program” to encourage shippers to returned empty shipping containers promptly to port facilities. The company said that the incentive would support US exporters and expedite the flow of goods.

CMA CGM said that it would implement the Early Container Return Incentive Programme at the FMS terminal in Los Angeles and all CMA CGM return locations in Chicago, Dallas, Memphis, and Kansas City. The programme runs from May 16th to July 15th.

CMA CGM said that the shipping industry had experienced an unprecedented spike in demand, leading to severe congestion throughout North America’s supply chain. The company said that exporters in particular had been impacted hard, with a lack of equipment making it more difficult to get their goods to market in a timely manner.

Ed Aldridge, President of CMA CGM and APL North America, said that the incentive programme would result in “an incentive credit for our importers, improve equipment availability for our exporters and expedite the flow of goods into and out of America’s heartland. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

The 60-day incentive program will see CMA CGM pay $300 per dry container returned to eligible locations and that this should resulting in approximately 43,000 dry containers being put back into circulation within four days of pickup on or after May 16th.