CMA CGM introduces innovative container tracking solution

France-based CMA CGM has launched a connected containers product, termed “TRAXENS by CMA CGM”, which the company said would enable clients to track their merchandise with data transmitted in near real time.

The connected device solution is a product of the group’s investment in French start-up TRAXENS and co-development work on a device that offers traceability for location, temperature and shocks as well as door opening.

The commercial deployment is being rolled out after a pilot phase where CMA CGM led various and numerous tests and has produced a tool which it said could help clients optimize their supply chains.

TRAXENS by CMA CGM is a connected box fixed on the container which enables the collection and transmission of the containers’ position, the intensity of potential shocks, external temperature variations, with a soon-to-be-added feature also measuring internal humidity and temperature, as well as monitoring the opening and closing of doors. The data is transmitted in near-real-time.