Club warns of vessels entering Chinese ports without SPRO contract

London P&I has said that Members would be aware of Chinese Regulations for the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships, requiring that vessels contract with an approved Ship Pollution Response Organisation (SPRO) before entering/exiting Chinese ports. The Regulations are compulsorily applicable and mandate that failure to comply will result in a fine of between CNY10,000 to CNY50,000 ($1,600 to $8,000).

One of the Club’s China Correspondents, Huatai Insurance Agent & Consultant Service Ltd, has warned that several vessels have recently entered Chinese ports without a SPRO contract and been fined accordingly. Further they report that random spot checks by local MSAs are taking place. The Correspondent therefore strongly recommends that Owners ensure that a SPRO Agreement is in place and arrange for the vessel to have a signed copy of the SPRO contract on board.