Club staff continue to work from home around Far East

Several P&I Clubs have said that their staff in east Asian offices will continue to work remotely for at least another week.

Britannia Club said that staff at its Hong Kong office would be following the latest Hong Kong Government advice and that the staff of the Hong Kong office would continue to work remotely in support of efforts to contain the virus. Call diverts will be in operation and staff will use remote office to conduct business as usual.

Japan Club said that tits Singapore Branch would remain closed until Friday February 28th. Staff continued to work from home during this time. Their contact details are available at:

London Club said that the closure of its Hong Kong office had been  extended until Monday February 24th. Staff continued to work from home during this time and can contacted by email and telephone as normal.

Skuld said that its Hong Kong staff would be working from home for the week February 17th to 22nd and that the Skuld Hong Kong office would remain closed. Skuld Hong Kong staff were available through email and mobile phones.