Civil unrest in Haiti is impacting operations in Port-au-Prince

Local correspondents E&M International Consulting have advised that in the last week the country’s capital has been impacted by civil unrest in reaction to the current socioeconomic crisis. This has led to increased activity of armed gangs, with instances of gunfire, robbery and kidnapping, reports NorthStandard.

As a result of the deteriorating safety and security situation which is affecting the movement of people, the ports and terminals in Port-au-Prince are operating with reduced staff. E&M said that the following terminals in Port-au-Prince were operating in a limited capacity, causing a risk of delays:

  • APN
  • CPS
  • Varreux
  • Thor

E&M understood that there was a heightened security risk at the Martissant terminal due to the presence of armed gangs in the area.

Correspondents have provided the following recommendations:

  • The vessel should seek confirmation from the agents or the port authorities/pilot station that safe and proper berthing is available and the status of cargo operations
  • The vessel’s crew should stay vigilant and maintain appropriate level of security
  • The crew should remain on the vessel
  • The vessel should maintain communication with the agent regarding any changes in the security situation

Ports outside Port-au Prince are normally operating as usual, including Abraham, which is located in the South-West region and Cap Haïtien, which is located in the North region of Haiti.