China releases new rules on recycled iron and steel

American Club has notified members of China’s recent Notice on Matters Relating to the Regulation of the Import of Recycled Iron and Steel Raw Materials.

The notice provides that recycled iron and steel, including scrap, could be imported provided they met the national standards for such recycled materials as set out in the Recycling Iron-Steel Materials Standard, GB/T29733-2020.

Relevant materials were divided into seven categories and 18 codes, with each code corresponding to the physical specifications, sources and processing methods of the materials.

Detailed descriptions of the classification etc were available at the PRC’s National Standard Information Public Service Platform in English and Mandarin at

American Club reminded members that the penalties for importing solid waste, and for transboundary movements of hazardous wastes, were now as much as five times higher than prior penalties and could reach as much as $700,000.

The Club managers SCB noted that the Code did not directly correspond to the commodity code as classified by component content. “Therefore it is imperative for Members to fully understand the physical and chemical properties of relevant goods before they are imported, and ensure the corresponding information is communicated truthfully.”