CEVA Logistics declares force majeure

Switzerland-based, CMA CGM-owned CEVA Logistics has declared force majeure. The company said that “having declared Force Majeure, CEVA Logistics reserves the right to modify all or part of its services, to change its working procedures and any previously agreed rates and prices, to levy surcharges, or otherwise to take any measures necessary to adjust its business operations and its obligations to its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, in response to the prevailing circumstances,” the company said.

This applies to all CEVA services, including ocean freight.

CEVA said that the declaration was justified because “The serious health risks to which all stakeholders are being subjected, are creating constant obstacles to our activities in all affected countries. The virus and the necessary response measures being taken by governments are entirely outside the control of CEVA Logistics. As they were unforeseeable, they fall within the definition of ‘Force Majeure’ – the principles of which are universally recognized in business, and enshrined in law”.