Case of missing Goan sailor remains open

The Goan Seamen Association of India (GSAI) has asked India’s central government and Indian consulate in the US not to accept the ‘missing person’ report provided by Carnival Cruise Line in relation to employee Symron Almeida, who was a crewmember on board Carnival Inspiration.

Almeida has allegedly been missing from the vessel since November 9th, but the GSAI has demanded a full and detailed investigation into his disappearance. “The association has urged Almeida’s family to file a criminal case against Carnival Inspiration’s senior board management, which comprises its captain, staff captain, HR manager and chief of security, all of whom are responsible for his disappearance. A month has lapsed since Almeida was reported missing, yet no details have been provided,” GSAI said.

Almeida was apparently last seen on an open deck on the morning of November 9th. “Our internal investigations reveal there was a surprise alcohol test done on him on November 7th, and that he tested positive with a reading of 0.04. As per company guidelines, violation of the strict zero tolerance policy on alcohol attracts termination. Sensing that he would be sent home, Almeida went to his room and drank more,” GSAI said.

The man allegedly reported to work the next day, and once again tested positive for alcohol consumption. A supervisor asked him to return to his room, where he would be confined with a security guard stationed outside until he was signed off, handed over to the local police, escorted to the airport and handed over to immigration”. However, he then vanished, before any of these procedures could take place.