Cargo vessels made up majority of losses last year: AGCS

Cargo vessels accounted for over half of all total losses during 2017, with activity up year-on-year from 34 in 2016 to 53 in 2017, says Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty in its Safety Shipping Review 2018.

Fishing, passenger and tug losses were down year-on-year. Bulk and tanker losses increased.


Total Losses By Type Of Vessel: 2008-2017


Source: Lloyd’s List Intelligence Casualty Statistics

Data Analysis & Graphic: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Foundered (sunk/submerged) has been the cause of over half of all total losses over the past decade. It accounted for an even higher share of all losses through 2017 (65%). Bad weather is often a factor.

Machinery damage/failure8
Hull damage5

All Causes Of Total Loss: 2008 – 2017

Foundered (sunk, submerged)73616445557050664861593
Machinery damage/failure87461525210867
Collision (involving vessels)131310352271157
Hull damage (holed, cracks, etc.)484371524543
Contact (e.g. harbour wall)11215


The East Mediterranean and Black Sea region has been the location of the most shipping incidents (casualties) for the past six years. However, 2017 saw a significant decline in activity – 18%.

Machinery damage is the top cause of incidents around the globe, accounting for 42% of casualties, followed by collision (13%) and wrecked/stranded (12%).


The East Mediterranean and Black Sea region is also the location with the most shipping incidents over the past decade (4,618). Of the 25,967 reported casualties over the past decade, approximately a third were caused by machinery damage (8,532), followed by collision (3,787) and wrecked/stranded (3,740). These figures include total losses of 1,129.

There were 2,712 casualties reported during 2017. These figures include total losses of 94 during this period. This total is up year-on-year, driven by a rise in machinery damage/failure incidents.

Largest Ships Lost (IMO nos, ownership and insurance details from IMN records):

Stellar Daisy (IMO 9038725)

March 31, 2017. Sank after taking on water following hull crack, approximately 3,700km off the coast of Uruguay. 22 crew missing.

1993-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 148,431 gt Stellar Daisy was at time of incident entered with Steamship Mutual for member vp-14 Shipping Inc.

Theresa Arctic (IMO 8715508)

June 20, 2017. Grounded on reefs off Kilifi, Kenya. Refloated. Sent for scrap.

1988-built, Tuvalu-flagged, 43,414 gt Theresa Arctic is owned by Lydia Shipping Co Pte and managed by Raffles Shipmanagement Serv of Singapore. It was at the time of the incident entered with North P&I Club on behalf of member Lydia Shipping Co Pte.

Melite (IMO 9284881)

July 26, 2017. Grounded at Pulau Laut, Indonesia. Hull damage.

2004-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 39,964 gt Melite is owned by Taka Shipping company, care of manager Diana Shipping Services of Athens, Greece. It was entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of Taka Shipping Co Inc.

(Subsequently renamed Princess Katherine, owned by China Luck Enterprise Ltd care of manager Fujian Shipping Group of Fujian, China. Now entered with Japan P&I Club (Singapore office) on behalf of China Luck Enterprise Ltd).

Emerald Star (IMO 9449261)

October 13, 2017. Sank off the coast of the Philippines. 11 crew missing.

2010-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 33,205 gt Emerald Star is owned by Dubai Bulkers ltd care of manager Stellar Ocean Transport of Dubai, UAE/ ISM manager is Vridhi Maritime Pvt Ltd of Chennai, India. At the time it was entered with North of England P&I Club.

Maersk Pembroke (IMO 9168180)

August 22, 2017. Fire broke out approximately 400km off Isles of Scilly. Extinguished. Towed and sold for break-up.

1998-built, Netherlands-flagged, 31,333 gt Maersk Pembroke is owned by Moller Singapore of Singapore and managed by Maersk Line AS of Copenhagen.  It was entered with Britannia P&I Club on behalf of MLAS NLD Flag (and still listed as so on Britannia web site).

Norm (IMO 9088392)

August 30, 2017. Engine malfunction near Rondo Island, Indonesia. Towed. Sent for demolition.

1996-built, Liberia-flagged, 25,190 gt  Panormitis AV (as she was then known) was owned by South Cape Navigation SA care of manager Unibulk Shipping Enterprises of Piraeus, Greece. Now owned by Ace Exim Pte Ltd of Singapore.

Kea Trader (IMO 9701281)

July 12, 2017. Ran aground on the Durand reefs off Mare, New Caledonia. Damaged beyond repair.

2017-built, Malta-flagged, 25,145 gt Kea Trader is owned by Kea Trader GmbH care of Lomar Deutschland of Bremen, Germany. ISM manager is Columbia Shipmanagement-GEU of Hamburg, Germany. It was entered at the time with Skuld. Norwegian Hull Club covered the vessel for hull and machinery.

Med Star (IMO 7528659)

June 15, 2017. Fire broke out off Rhodes, Greece. Extinguished. Towed and sent for break-up.

1978-built, 16,776 gt Med Star is owned by Fabrilo Holdings Ltd of Piraeus and managed by Medferry Shipping of the same city. It was entered at the time with Shipowners’ P&I on behalf of member Med Ferry Shipping Co.

Saint Nektaris (IMO 9440291)

February 28, 2017. Engine failure at Varna, Bulgaria. Towed to scrapyard pier.

2007-built, Sierra Leone-flagged, 13,697 gt Saint Nektaris – owner unknown, insurer unknown.

Mutiara Sentosa 1 (IMO 8718471)

May 19, 2017. Fire broke out near Masalembu Island in the Java Sea. 5 fatalities, several missing. 1988-built, 12,365 gt Mutiara Sentosa owned and managed by Atosim Lampung Pelayaran PT of Bandarlampung, Indonesia. Insurer unknown.