Cannes to ban the most-polluting cruise ships

Cannes, which is France’s fourth-biggest cruise ship port, is to ban the worst-polluting cruise ships from 2020, as part of a bid to boost air quality in the city.

The ban will target ships that do not comply with a 0.1% cap on sulphur in their fuel.

“It’s not about being against cruise ships. It’s about being against pollution,” Cannes Mayor David Lisnard told Reuters Television.

The 0.1% cap is already enforced in Baltic, North Sea and Channel ports under the EU’s clean air policy, and it may be extended to the Mediterranean.

“We will no longer accept cruise ship passengers coming from polluting cruise ships,” Lisnard said.

In July Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, which represents 40% of Cannes’ maritime traffic, signed a Cruise Charter agreement with the city of Cannes, promising to make its ships more environmentally friendly.