California issues extreme heat proclamation; could impact vessels calling at California Ports

The governor of the State of California signed an emergency proclamation related to the excessive temperatures which are placing extraordinary demands on the state’s energy grid, reports Standard Club.

Standard Club said that, according to club correspondents in California, the proclamation would directly impact ocean-going vessels which must comply with California’s at-berth regulations. The correspondents have reported that the proclamation encourages the vessels which can disconnect from shore power to do so, without fear of penalty.

Club correspondents have also reported that ocean-going vessels arriving before Saturday June 19th at 23:59 should not connect to shore power during the emergency. Pursuant to the proclamation, ocean-going vessels may remain disconnected through to Tuesday, June 22nd at 23:59 Pacific Time.

Standard Club thanked correspondent Peacock Piper for alerting it to this proclamation and its potential effects.