California Air Resources Board updates ‘At Berth’ regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved a new regulation to control emissions whilst ships are at berth in some California ports, Standard Club has reported.

The rule expands the scope of the existing ‘At-Berth’ regulation adopted in 2007, which covered container ships, reefers and cruise ships. Standard Club said that members should take note that the new regulation would expand the scope of covered ships to include tankers and auto carriers.

The existing regulation will remain in effect through until the end of 2022, with the new regulation commencing in 2023, at which time container, reefer and cruise ships will transition to the new regulation.

Auto carriers and tankers docking at Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach will fall under the scope of the regulation from 2025 on. Tankers calling at Northern California will fall within the scope of the regulation from the beginning of 2027.

The ‘At Berth’ regulation requires ships calling at a regulated California port to use shore power or a CARB-approved control technology.

Standard Club advised that ship owners who need additional time to comply can petition CARB to use alternative means to achieve emissions reductions.