Bulk carrier damaged by oil spill fire in Indonesia

Bulk carrier Ever Judger (IMO 9632844) caught fire before dawn on March 31st following a fuel spill from the Chevron Terminal in Balikpanan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The fire began as workers tried to clear the spill in waters off Borneo island by burning it. The spill had been spotted from Jetty 2 of Semayang Port in an area north of the refinery unit. The blazing oil on the surface of the water rose to a height of 2km, resulting in the death of two fishermen. The Chinese crew of 20 was evacuated from Ever Judger, one of them suffering from burns. Local tugs started to cool the ship’s hull with water to prevent a fire on board, but the port side of the ship, including its superstructure was reported to be severely affected by the fire. The ship had completed loading and was about to leave the bay with more than 70,000 tons of coal on board. The fire was extinguished but some of the initial oil spill remains. 2014-built, Panama-flagged, 44,060 gt Ever Judger is owned by Ever Judger Holding Co Ltd care of manager Everest Shipping Pte Ltd of Singapore. ISM manager is Fleet Management Ltd of Hong Kong. It is entered with West of England Club on behalf of Ever Judger Holding Co Ltd.