Britannica Hav arrives in Le Havre

The wreck of capsized general cargo ship Britannica Hav (IMO 8506440) was towed into the port of Le Havre on Friday afternoon by the Abeille Liberté, which had connected a towing wire at the bow. The maritime prefect decided to allow the ship to enter port after consultation with the District Prefect and the Prefect Seine Maritime.

The convoy of the Abeille Liberté, Argonaute and Britannica Hav arrived at the port of Le Havre on March 22nd at 14:30 local time, taking advantage of a calm sea and clement weather. The four hatch covers that came loose were at the time still about 50nm north-east of Cherbourg.

Following the successful docking a meeting was held on March 23rd regarding the future of the wreck, under the supervision of the sub-prefect of Le Havre and the port captain, in the presence of the shipowner’s representatives.

It was stated that it was necessary to pump out the fuel, solvents and lubricants on board as soon as possible. Two methods of raising the ship were under study. A preliminary technical inspection of the hull by divers will be scheduled within days to establish the condition of the wreck, with monitoring continuing in case of leaks.