Britannia P&I opens branch office In Copenhagen

Britannia P&I’s exclusive correspondent in Denmark (B Denmark P&I), will become a full branch office of Britannia Club on January 1st and will be renamed TR(B) Denmark.

The new branch office will continue to be headed by Michael Boje-Larsen, a lawyer with considerable experience in maritime law, including P&I and FD&D cover. He will be supported by Rishi Choudhury, an Associate Director of Britannia P&I, a FD&D specialist who has been working with the Club since 2006. Britannia said that further expansion of the team is planned for early 2020.

Denmark accounts for approximately 16% of Britannia’s entered tonnage. It said that having a full branch office in Copenhagen would enhance service delivery to its Members “whilst enabling the Club to consider other business opportunities in the

The agreement was formalized with a signing ceremony on December 16th.

Britannia already has regional hubs in Greece, Hong Kong, Kobe, Singapore and Tokyo. Britannia also has exclusive correspondents in Spain, South Korea and Taiwan.