Bowles to step down as American Club General Counsel in 2022

At American Club’s annual members meeting, this year held virtually, Lawrence J Bowles was reappointed as General Counsel to the Club, but, in accepting his re-appointment for the forthcoming twelve months, he informed the Board that, having served as General Counsel since 2002, he intended to retire in 2022.

In anticipation of Mr Bowles’ retirement, LeRoy Lambert was appointed as Assistant General Counsel to the Club, with a view to his succeeding Bowles next year.

Mr Lambert was for many years in private practice as a partner of leading commercial law firms in the US before becoming President of, and in 2018 General Counsel to, the US representative office of the managers of another leading International Group club (Standard P&I, with Charles Taylor P&I Management Americas). He is also the current President of the US Society of Maritime Arbitrators.