Bodies recovered from crashed helicopter in Gulf of Mexico

The helicopter that crashed into the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday December 29th was found by the US Coast Guard on January 2nd. All four bodies inside have been recovered, according to the employees’ companies.

A joint statement released by RLC, LLC, Walter Oil & Gas Corporation and Island Operating Co said that the remains of the passengers were recovered. The helicopter reportedly was in the process of departing a Walter Oil & Gas Corporation platform when it crashed at around 08:40.The helicopter was being operated by Rotorcraft Leasing Company, LLC, and the passengers were employed by Island Operating Company.

One of the helicopter crash passengers has been identified, but the identity of the three other passengers was currently unknown.

“RLC, LLC, Walter Oil & Gas Corporation and Island Operating Co., Inc. can confirm that the remains of all four occupants in the aircraft involved in the event on December 29th 2022 in the West Delta area have been recovered. The response to the incident has been a joint effort involving Walter (owner of the offshore platform near where the helicopter went down in the water), Island (employer of the three passengers) and RLC (operator of the helicopter and employer of the pilot), along with the US Coast Guard and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.”

The National Transportation Safety Board reported that it would be investigating the crash.