BIMCO and Shipdex signs data agreement

BIMCO and Shipdex have signed an agreement to support the development and exchange of technical and logistic data across the shipping community. BIMCO will be included as an executive member of Shipdex steering committee. The agreement was signed by Lars Robert Pedersen, BIMCO Deputy Secretary General and representatives from the original nine executive members – Grimaldi Group, Mastermind Shipmanagement, Alfa Laval Tumba, MacGregor Group, Man Diesel & Turbo, Shipdex Consulting, Yanmar Company, G&C Shipping and RollsRoyce, at BIMCO Head office in Copenhagen.

BIMCO’s Pedersen said that “Shipdex fits neatly with our objective to help ease the administrative burdens for ships and masters. Ship owners will be able to reduce time, administration and costs as this new system is quicker and easier to use, with zero disruption to the ship at sea.” The Shipdex Protocol is designed to be used by ship owners, shipyards, manufacturers, classification societies and application service providers, using a common source database to store, retrieve, publish and exchange technical and logistic data across the shipping community.