BIMCO calls for continued naval support in Gulf of Guinea

Denmark-based independent shipowners’ association BIMCO has called on all naval forces in the Gulf of Guinea region to increase the pressure on piracy groups. BIMCO’s call followed an incident in the Gulf of Guinea on November 24th that saw members of Danish frigate Esbern Snare shoot dead several pirates in a firefight.

BIMCO said that it hoped a continued naval presence in the area would act as a deterrent to pirates.

As reported in IMN earlier this week, the Esbern Snare sent a team to a vessel containing suspected pirates with the aim of boarding. The vessel did not react when ordered to stop. The team issued warning shots, after which the suspected pirates opened fire directly at the Danish soldiers, who responded in self-defence. After a brief exchange of fire, four suspected pirates died, and one more was injured.