Betanzos evacuated as storm threatens

A strong storm was due to hit Lisbon in the night of March 8th, continuing through March 9th. The 14 people aboard were taken off for precautionary reasons during the afternoon of March 8th by an EH 101-Merlin-helicopter from Lusa. They were dropped off at the Montijo Air Base. Among the evacuees were 10 crew members, two members of the Dutch salvage company hired by the owners to oversee salvage operations, and two representatives of the owner who had come on board after the grounding. Tug Fairmount Alpine (IMO 9344784) had arrived from Gibraltar in Lisbon on March 8th, but it was not certain when she would be able resume towing attempts, given the worsening weather forecasts in the area. 2002-built, Spain-flagged, 4,941 gt Betanzos is owned and managed by Navigasa of Coruna, Spain. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Naviera de Galicia SA.