Australia grants export licence for live sheep

Australia’s Department of Agriculture (DAWR) has granted a livestock export license to Perth, Western Australia-based Rural Export & Trading WA (RETWA). The company was now preparing to export 130,000 sheep to supply markets in the Arabian Gulf, primarily Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE. RETWA is the Australian subsidiary of Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT), which operates in Kuwait as Al Mawashi.

General manager Mike Gordon said that “we very much understand our obligations in terms of meeting the expectations of the regulator (DAWR), the Federal Minister and most importantly the Australian public”.

KLTT has two AMSA-accredited livestock vessels, Al Shuwaikh and Al Messilah, anchored near Perth awaiting livestock.

The revised loading requirements announced by DAWR, applicable from November 1st, require that live sheep exported must be stocked at least 17.5% below the rate set out in the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL).

Animals Australia claimed that the Australian government’s issue of the licence showed that the Department of Agriculture was not fit to regulate the live export trade.

KLTT was the consignee for all five voyages exposed on Australian TV earlier this year, and along with Emanuel Exports, had responsibility for the animals on board, Animals Australia claimed.