APM Terminals Barcelona implements Covid-19 action protocol

APM Terminals Barcelona container terminal has implemented a safety protocol to mitigate the possible impact of Covid-19 on the company and the industry in which it operates, on instructions from the Spanish Health Ministry.

It said that many measures had been implemented internally to guarantee the safety of APM Terminals Barcelona employees. These included increased cleaning of all points of contact between workers and limiting the presence of internal and external personnel. When such interaction occurs, the minimum safety distance of one metre must be respected. A hygiene point has been set up in the security post where staff must wash their hands with soap and water.

APM Terminals Barcelona personnel will assist ships only in exceptional cases. The ship’s phone and email are required, along with written confirmation that no crew member has tested positive for coronavirus. Maintenance personnel will board the ship only in the event of an incident, spill or coupling of the spreaders.