Antwerp operations resume after crane collapse

All operations in the River Scheldt and terminals at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium have resumed after a crane was hit by a vessel and collapsed at DP World Antwerp’s quay on Monday December 9th.

The incident occurred after moored containership APL Mexico City (IMO 9632210) broke free from its moorings and then struck a crane at the terminal, causing the crane to crash down. Some of the structure went into the water.

DP World Antwerp said that there were no reported injuries. The coast guard managed to secure the ship and moor it again, despite strong winds, with the assistance of several tugs. The containership was reported to have sustained damage in the collision, although the degree of the damage has not been established, and will need to undergo repairs before it sets sail again.

The coast guard said that a second ship, the MSC Anchorage, had also threatened to break loose from its moorings. However a tugboat was sent to the scene to hold the ship in place, which it did successfully.

Work to remove the collapsed crane will take a few more weeks. A safety perimeter has now been set around the site of the accident. Handling of ships and trucks was quickly resumed. The removal of the crane was scheduled to start as quickly as possible, with every effort being made to minimize the impact on operations.

WE Cox Claims Group said that Services of professional salvors were sought under the Lloyd’s Form of Salvage Agreement (LOF) by the vessel. It said that the incident might give rise to salvage, general average (GA) and recovery issues.