American Club invites participation in safety project

American Club, in partnership with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lamar University (Lamar), recently launched a project aimed at reducing maritime-related safety incidents.

Its objective is to develop recommendations aimed at improving the day-to-day safety of maritime personnel, both afloat and ashore, through sharing the results of data research analyses derived from the initiative.

Results will be presented and shared in an appropriate context for owners, operators and seafarers in order to support improvements in corporate safety management systems and to help achieve operational safety excellence.

The research will include the more common shipboard incidents, including relevant causal factors, and potential corrective actions.

The existing ABS/Lamar Maritime Safety Research Initiative (MSRI), launched in 2010, has collected approximately 140,000 injury and near-miss reports from 31 different industry partner sources. These sources represented more than 2,000 vessels, of all types and sizes, and more than 50,000 seafarers from around the world.

American Club noted that the database had enabled ABS and Lamar to develop highly relevant safety-related guidance to share with industry partners and the maritime industry as a whole. It said that the addition of the American Club to this initiative would bring additional safety-related skillsets and loss prevention expertise. American Club Managers have therefore invited Members to participate in this project. For the purposes of this study, all Members, regardless of the level of detail of their reporting, were invited to participate.

Neither the American Club nor ABS will have access to raw/original records of information submitted by Members. Data will be submitted directly to Lamar, the academic industry partner, which will be responsible for data sanitization. ABS and the American Club will only have access to sanitized records of data analyses for purposes of disseminating safety guidance and best practices.

Becoming an MSRI industry partner will provide Members with access to the sanitized incident reports (injury and/or near miss) within the MSRI databases. Industry partner access will enable Members to perform their own inquiries into any safety issue they may find interesting.

Members should direct all questions regarding the joint safety project to Ms Danielle Centeno, Assistant Vice President–-Loss Prevention & Survey Compliance, at [email protected] or to Dr William Moore, Senior Vice President at [email protected].