Accident round-up

Catamaran ferry Carmen Ernestina partially sank while at pier in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. The vessel suffered breaches in the hull and the port side flooded. The ferry had been docked for two months without maintenance and had been abandoned by its crew. The accident happened during the night.

Bulk carrier Fair Ocean ran aground in the Parana river on the evening of October 8th downriver from San Nicolas, Argentina, which was its destination.

A Danish service ship, probably named Achiever, was reported to have rammed two pleasure boats in Barhoft port, north of Stralsund, Germany, on the evening of October 9th, at a cost of about €60,000 in damages.. The accident was said to have been caused by mechanical failure.

General cargo vessel STAS suffered engine failure on October 7th in the Japan Sea while travelling from China to Vladivostok. The vessel was towed to Vladivostok, arriving there on the morning of October 9th.