Accident round-up : 16th December 2016

Offshore supply vessel Chilosco was attacked by pirates in Gulf of Guinea some 30nm south of Brass, Nigeria. The vessel, en route from Onne to Port Harcourt, was approached by a speedboat containing armed men, who tried to board her. The crew and security guards repulsed the attack and the alarm was raised The navy then escorted the offshore supply vessel to Port Harcourt

Four lighter vessels were reported to have capsized within the space of four hours in separate incidents on December 14th in the outer anchorage of Chittagong Port and the Sandwip and Hatiya channels of the Bay of Bengal.

MV Glorious Sreenagar, loaded with 1,500 tons of corn, capsized in the Bhashanchar area of the Hatiya channel, having anchored because of fog. She was

struck by MV Titu, which sailed away from accident site. Two of the 14 crew are missing.

MV Labs-1 sank near the outer anchorage of the Chittagong Port with a cargo of 1,050 tonnes of cement clinker. All 13 crew were rescued. The crew claimed that the vessel was hit by another vessel causing MV Labs-1 to sink.

MV Majnu sank with 1,800 tonnes of rock phosphate near Patenga Beach. After sudden water ingress, the Master tried unsuccessfully to reach the shallows of Patenga Beach to ground the sinking vessel, but she sank in deeper waters. All 14 crew were rescued.

Finally, MV Darin Darsab sank with 2,200 tonnes of raw sugar on board, after striking a shoal near Char Nurul Islam.

Chittagong lighters are not registered in accessible international databases.