Accident round-up : 2nd March 2017

Turkish freighter Erdogan Senkaya collided with berthed Italian general cargo vessel Luca S at Porto Nogaro, Italy. The Turkish vessel was manoeuvring in the port when the bow hit the forecastle starboard of Luca S, which was docked at the time and preparing to offload a cargo of silicon. The Italian general cargo ship suffered breaches and water ingress, following which it developed a list to starboard list a fore tilt. The crew ballasted the vessel and started pumping out the water from the forepeak in an attempt to stabilize the situation. There were no reported leaks and water pollution. Erdogan Senkaya suffered only bow damage and no reported water ingress. Erdogan Senkaya is 2,429dwt and 1,239grt. Luca S is 4,815dwt and 3,610grt. No details of cover found in P&I databases.

Fire erupted in the fish processing area of trawler Carolina 33 on March 1st at fishing grounds in the Okhotsk sea, about 150nm southeast of Magadan. The vessel requested assistance, and 39 people out of 52 crew went onto trawler Yantar-1 Salvage tug Sibirskiy is travelling to the troubled trawler. No details of cover found in P&I databases

Trawler Charles Gilberte II collided with fishing vessel Stephane Cardone in the port of Sete, France. Stephane Cardone drifted following the collision and collided with a smaller berthed fishing vessel, Cecile Marion, which was damaged and sank Charles Gilberte II reported sailed into the stern of the ship Stephane Cardone. Fire rescue teams laid oil booms to prevent the diesel leak from the small vessel.

Stephane Cardone was dry docked to assess the damage incurred. Charles Gilberte II was also dry-docked, but there was no reported water ingress. The removal of the wreck of Cecile Marion will likely take place within a week.