Accident round-up : 28th March 2017

Live fish carrier Scan Viking lost propulsion and electrical power after an engine failure about 30 nm northeast of Ibiza in the Mediterranean, while en route from Mallorca to Alicante. A blackout caused a blocking of the main engine, leaving her adrift in adverse weather conditions. The crew requested assistance and a salvage tug was sent. The poor weather conditions meant that it took more than eight hours for the convoy to travel the 30 nm to Ibiza. None of the four crew on board the Scan Viking was injured. Scan Viking is 40 dwt and 317 grt.

Six rig workers last December were exposed to alpha radiation on board EnQuests’s Thistle offshore platform off the Shetland Isles, The news was released to BBC Scotland at the weekend by the rigging supervisor. UK petroleum exploration and production company EnQuest ensured that all required steps were immediately taken after the accident occurred. The six employees were working on Thistle offshore platform, about 125 nm north-east off Shetland, performing shutdown work

with pipe equipment. Apparently they were exposed to radiation for hours. EnQuest said that the levels of radiation may not cause the six employees long-term harm. “EnQuest can confirm that, in December 2016, during planned shutdown activities on its Thistle platform, six personnel employed by Wood Group under a contract with EnQuest were removing a piece of pipework when they were exposed to low levels of NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material). The level of exposure was less than 1% of the level at which it is reportable to the Health and Safety Executive. However EnQuest advised the HSE of the matter at the time”.

Some of Lunskaya A Gas Platform’s personnel were evacuated to an offshore support standby vessel on March 26th after a gas leak was detected. It is understood that platform gas production was shut down. Emergency works are under way. Lunskaya A is15 km off Sakhalin east coast, Okhots sea. It has a natural gas production capacity of about 50,000 bpd and about 140 workers on site.