Accident round-up: 21st February 2017

According to Korean MFA, car carrier Morning Compass was released on February 21st after the vessel was searched for weapons off the coast of Libya. The vessel is under way to Misrata. There are 5,107 Kia and Hyundai cars on board, new and used.

A young Indian crew member, identified as 27-year old Conciecao Silva, aboard Costa Magica, docked at Heritage Quay pier, Antigua, was found hanging in his cabin, police confirmed. He was reportedly discovered by his cabin mate who let him down and attempted to revive him, but to no avail.

River cargo ship Mabrena suffered water ingress near the port of Dusseldorf-Reisholz on The Rhine. The vessel was carrying 1,700 tons of gravel to Koblenz, but near the 722-km mark of the Rhine river water began leaking into the generator room from the two ballast tanks. The vessel docked immediately and reported the accident the local authorities, requesting immediate assistance due to a danger of sinking. Two boats were sent from Neuss and Chempark Uerdingen, along with fire engines and divers. The rescuers started pumping out the water from the flooded compartment, but the diesel generators of the vessel failed.

No breaches were found by divers. The cargo was to be unloaded with cranes before the ship will be towed to a yard for repairs. Traffic on the Rhine was not affected.

General cargo ship Bellatrix became stuck on a reef in the Aegean Sea off Lesvos island in Greece, while en route from Mykolayiv to Izmir with a cargo of grain. A technical failure caused Bellatrix to leave the fairway and to run aground on rocks

north off the Greek island. The vessel was breached and began getting water ingress. Although it developed a list, it was not in immediate danger of capsizing. The Greek Coast Guard sent patrol boats and rescue teams, which surrounded the vessel with oil booms. The rudder, propeller shaft and propeller were apparently undamaged, while the breach of the hull affected only the ballast tanks. None of the 12 crew (9 Ukrainians and 3 Georgians) were injured.

Bellatrix is 2,893dwt and 2,457grt.

About 50 immigrants on ferry Janas, who were being deported from Italy, rioted during the voyage from Cagliari Sardinia to Naples on the evening of February 20th. They set fire to and wrecked a number of cabins, threatening passengers, some of whom were reportedly robbed, with others suffering physical violence. On arrival at Naples the migrants were arrested, while ferry is being thoroughly searched for those who may be hiding on the ship. As of 1300 UTC February 21st Janas was still docked at Naples.