Accident round-up : 20th March 2017

General cargo vessel Tinaztepe sank at Musrata Anchorage, Libya, on the afternoon of March 16th after being caught in rough weather. The Turkish vessel was awaiting berth to offload its cargo of construction materials. Local reports said that the vessel seemed to just start to leak, being too old to survive a strong storm. Local sources reported either eight or seven of the 13 crew missing, with five or six rescued. Given the number of casualties, a capsizing seems likely, possibly a result of cargo shift. Tinaztepe had a previous accident, in November 2013, when it ran aground off Stilidas port, in the Aegean sea. In that incident it was refloated with no damages or leakage reported. According to database, Tinaztepe is covered for Owner’s P&I by Hanseatic Underwriters.

Ro-ro ferry Reina Hosanna caught fire late on Thursday night, while en route from Calapan to Batangas, Luzon, Philippines, injuring eight people and forcing the evacuation of the ship. The crew discovered the fire at about 23.30 local time when they were off of Matoco Point, near the entrance to Batangas’ harbour. A distress signal was issued and the local Coast Guard rescued 50 passengers from the vessel. Another ferry carried the remaining passengers and crew safely to shore. Ferry Reina de Luna towed the Reina Hosanna to Batangas and the fire was reportedly under control by early Friday morning. The blaze is believed to have originated in the engine room, but the cause has not been determined.

General cargo vessel BBC Shanghai suffered an engine failure on March 15th some 90nm northeast of East London, South Africa, while en route from Durban to Lagos, Nigeria. Tug Shasa towed the vessel to East London where it berthed at 10.00 UTC on March 17th. Swedish Club is a follow-on insurer for hull and machinery. No other insurance details found.

General cargo vessel Mekhanik Fomin, carrying timber, suffered a cargo shift on the morning of March 18th and developed a heavy portside list in rough weather. Reportedly some of the deck cargo was lost. Nas of 13.00 UTC March 18th the vessel was approaching Sortland under its own power but under escort of Coast Guard ships. The cargo apparently will be stabilized at Sortland, allowing the vessel to resume its voyage to Inverness. According to database, Mekhanik Forum is covered by UK P&I Club through Member Northern Shipping Co.